The End of the World

“The world has ended. There is nothing left. Nothing that matters. I wanted to believe that life wasn ́t worth what it just did a few clicks back, that a person’s greatness wasn’t measured by their likes and not all people’s lives were made up with filters. But I guess I was wrong about that, too. And I wanted to believe, all of it, so badly, that the slap of reality has been devastating. I guess I should write here why I did it. How easy would it be if there was one only reason? I don’t really feel like explaining myself, but I’m afraid if I don’t, they will start to look for culprits, so believe me, there aren’t any. But me.”

Officer Tiago handed the note to Sergeant Cuarón, after reading it and placing it into the evidence envelope. Sergeant Cuarón took it without even looking at it; he was busy on the phone.

“The judge is on his way to remove the body,” Sergeant said to the young officer “make sure no one enters or leaves the room, understood?”

Illustration by El Gaga

Officer Tiago nod, respectfully. Sergeant Cuarón left the hotel room. The bed was still perfectly made, there was nothing to reveal that the room was occupied the night before, except of course, for the naked body swaying in the

air. Officer Tiago couldn’t take his eyes of it. The light from the window was diffused by the white linen curtains, hugging the hanged man from behind, making it really hard to see any feature on his face, giving him a mystical, almost magical appearance.

Officer Tiago walked back to the door, making sure no one was near it. He approached the body, cautiously, as if he were afraid to wake it up. He took his phone from his pocket and spent a good six, seven seconds to frame it with dramatism, to silhouette it perfectly. He pressed the red bottom and his vision was immortalized. As fast as he could, he added a couple of filters to enhance the contrast between the darkness of the body and the bright light behind it and the picture arrived in all his social media at once, under the logline The End of the World.

As soon as his phone was back in his pocket, Sergeant Cuarón, accompanied by the judge in charge that night, entered the room. The judge nodded his approval and, with a poorly concealed smile, officer Tiago felt his phone vibrate, gaining likes to his picture, while helping his Sergeant to unhang the body.

Illustration by El Gaga