What if, women were immortal?
Just them
Not us or me, not the dogs, or giraffes, not trees or corals Just them
Mothers, sisters, grandmothers, girlfriends, wives, lovers, friends… of us
Lawyers, bakers, police officers, plumbers, taxi drivers, CEOs, cleaners

What if?

Would the world be transformed?
Would wars happened?
Would hunger be eradicated?
Would they treat us, the men, as equal? You bet they would

They would double in numbers in just three generations Would borders be erased?
What would planet Earth become?
Planet Home?

Picture by Karlos Wayne

A home where people would respect one another? Would it matter if you are black, purple or green? Would differences be celebrated?
Would nobody be more than anybody else? Would nobody be less than anybody else?

You bet.

But there is one thing,
above anything else,
that would happen if women were immortal

You ́ll be here, lighting up the world

and I,
in my last breath
I wouldn’t miss you.